Realizing game-changing trail connectivity on the Eastside

When King County Prop 1 passed in September 2019, a supermajority of King County voters said yes to game-changing trail connectivity.

A number of key investments in trails will move forward thanks to the voters who approved this milestone funding package, including investments to connect Woodinville to Renton on the Eastrail.

As major projects come online to transform the Eastrail, formerly the Eastside Rail Corridor, we’ll be advocating to seamlessly connect the Eastrail from Woodinville to Renton by 2023.

The gap through Bellevue is closing as WSDOT and King County coordinate to bridge the Wilburton Gap in 2020-2021, build out the trail south of I-90, and retrofit the Wilburton Trestle, (all made possible in part by the supermajority of voters who approved Prop 1). Yet the opportunity remains to bridge I-90 with a multi-use all-ages and abilities trail. Together, we can prioritize gap-filling projects so that the Eastrail is ready to be a first/last mile connector on opening day for East Link light rail service. Five stations will open adjacent to the Eastrail in 2023.