A New Regional Brand for the Eastside Rail Corridor

Public agencies and EGA move to rebrand the Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) with a new name and identity to reflect the future multi-use vision for the corridor

Public agency stakeholders endorsed the EGA’s proposal to rebrand the Eastside Rail Corridor at the June 7, 2017 ERC Regional Advisory Council meeting. 

A new name and regional brand for the Eastside Rail Corridor will build community support for, and knowledge of, the future corridor. The RAC’s action to hire a branding consultant follows direction last September from the RAC for the EGA to advance a branding proposal among stakeholders. Several months of intense collaboration with the various public agencies has shaped the proposal. A new name and identity for the ERC are anticipated by mid-next year.

Corridor development is well underway in Kirkland and Redmond, with segments already named, and already a strong constituency of trail users and existing brand recognition. Add to that, King County’s overarching regional trails brand, the long-term multi-use vision for the corridor – including utility and transit elements – and there’s a lot to communicate about how the corridor will be developed and used.

The hope for the future brand is to reflects the regional value of the corridor and inspires a sense of pride in the vision and reality of the corridor. People using the corridor will experience the brand on physical signage and items such as maps.  

The brand development process that's moving forward will include intentional public outreach. Watch this space for ways to participate and share your thoughts!