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The Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) will connect rapidly growing East King County  communities via a 28-mile multi-use trail from Woodinville to Renton, through Kirkland and Bellevue, with a spur trail to Redmond, and connectivity north to Snohomish County.

The ERC is set to be a regional trail and a neighborhood connector - it’ll be a tourist attraction, an economic development driver, and help people reach jobs, commerce, transit and each other.

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Redmond has broken ground on construction of its 3 mile “spur” known as the Redmond Central Connector. The one mile downtown segment opened 2013; just over one mile-long segment, headed north from downtown will be complete in 2017; a final phase that connects the spur line to the main line near Woodinville is planned and will also include an east/west connection to Kirkland. More Info


Kirkland opened a mostly soft-surface interim trail known as the Cross Kirkland Corridor in 2015 along the entirety of its 5 mile ownership from north to south city limits. More Info

King County

King County owns 17 miles of ERC right-of-way, between Woodinville and Kirkland, and south of Kirkland to just north of Renton. Master Planning for the section between Kirkland and Renton is complete. A soft-surface (gravel) trail from south Kirkland city-limits to northern Bellevue will open in 2017, connecting the two cities via the ERC. The southern segment, south of the Mercer Slough to just north of Renton will also open late 2017 to early 2018. Funds to complete new road crossings in the Bellevue segment are yet to be identified, until which time the central Bellevue trail will not be built. More Info

Sound Transit

Sound Transit owns a 1 mile segment of the ERC in northern Bellevue. Sound Transit will develop a segment of the ERC trail to run parallel to East Link Light Rail service in this segment of right-of-way.


Woodinville owns a 2.6 mile segment of the Eastside Rail Corridor which the city plans to develop over the next several years.


The Eastside Rail Corridor rail line continues north for 12 miles in Snohomish County, terminating at the City of Snohomish. Snohomish County is at 30% design for their trail, named the Centennial Trail South, which will connect into the existing Centennial Trail that runs 29 miles along the old Northern Pacific Railroad line. More Info
Multiple owners building the vision: Sections of trail are owned by different public entities, who are collaboratively planning for the connected trail, which is at various stages of completion. Click the red locations on the map for more info.

Multi-use Vision: The Snohomish section of the corridor will incorporate both heavy rail and a trail, and that is the potential alignment in the northern King County segment through Woodinville and south just shy of Totem Lake in Kirkland, where Kirkland’s ownership picks up. Kirkland’s long-term vision of the Cross Kirkland Corridor is trail plus bus rapid transit. In the segment owned by Sound Transit, a trail will run parallel to the East Link light rail for a mile. The remaining mileage of the trail, from central Bellevue to it’s southern terminus, and through the entire Redmond spur, will be an active transportation trail with no adjacent rail component.

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